I just cried a lil at a Mario game

Papi horse that I made for my brother’s bday

shiny Pumpkaboo hatched while i was going through someone’s blog BYEE


Tales of the World: Reve Unitia tactics game announced for the 3DS »

What seems to be a port of the previously released Tales of the World: Tactics Union has just been announced for the Nintendo 3DS, this time fully voiced, with new art/forms for Tern and Nacht, and new Mystic Arte cut-ins.

My town is full and I’m trying to get rid of almost half of the citizens but literally only my favorite animals have been asking to move out for weeks ugh I’m just gonna stop playing soon >:/

Wut (5kinAndBone5) / Le1f


Wut (5kinAndBone5) - Le1f


can someone actually please tell me what i did wrong and why people are misgendering me calling me scum saying i deserve the hate and that im a joke

Hey, I’m not a follower or anythin so sorry if this is creepy-ish, but I just wanted to send a little love your way in light of all the ridiculous hate and harassment people are sending you for your post.

Tbh I knew the tumblr pro thing was a prank and I didn’t click it because I was worried it might be something with flashing lights/colors (which give me headaches) so I think your original post was actually pretty considerate and everyone who’s been bothering you is garbage. 

I hope you have a great week. xo

So accurate it hurts.

-Ancient incantation to enhance the relatableness of a post

?????? people who look good in candid photos???????????

goodnight sweet prince

goodnight sweet prince


the next disney movie


the next disney movie

i’ve been trying to get the 7:50 bus all week and each time the fates have conspired against me. If it happens again tomorrow I guess I’ll just take it as an omen. B|


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